Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to seduce God into an ever lasting love Relationship

God’s original plan right from the beginning was to have the closest imaginable relationship with man. He really wanted to be one with man to the extent that He created him in His own image. God is a God who never changes and His ways too never change. The same love that He had at the beginning of times is the same love that He has now and it i the same love that He will have forever.
It is time to have a love relationship with the Father like he originally intended it to be. God still wants to have that inseparable relationship with you at all times. Make God your first Father,mother,wife, boss, partner and all the relationships with the rest will work out. Make it a habit to live on the word of God every day of your life.
In this powerful message, Prophetess Joanne Okia takes us through the step on how to relate with God in the original way that He has intended our relationship with Him to be

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sisimuka.!!!There is no time for slumber in 2014.Arise and rebuild the ruins

 2014 is a year to rebuild the ruins, a time to recapture all the things that you lost in the past, a time to reveal your passion for the lord, and a time to raise your desire to pray. The season is very clear, the time for the lord's favor has come, but instead of sitting back and relaxing, God is reminding us to be prepared.
2014 is a year of hard work. You must be ready to work harder than ever before to perfect the talents that God has blessed you with, you must work hard to establish that which God has called you to do,and you must arise, work hard, and advance in everything.
In this message, Dr Joseph Okia urges everyone not to look back at the scars of the past years but to rhyme with the season and fulfill what God has called us to do

Sunday, January 5, 2014

No more dilly dallying/kwebuzabuza in 2014-God is command is clear-Ocuppy until He comes

2013 was a hard year full of challenges.Many of us were pushed to the limits of our endurance and certainly our faith. There were many dark hours where we almost despaired but somehow you were able to survive. Even thought these times seemed hard and lonely, God was in full control. It was His way to
train us and strengthen us for the work that lies ahead. So 2013 was a year to test us, strengthen us, discipline us and show us our weaknesses and God’s great
strength to sustain us in the midst of the storm. The disruptions of 2013 were there to bring you back on course, to return you to your original purpose to align you with your destiny. It was definitely always pleasant but rest assured in knowing that it was for your good. And now that you are well aligned the stage is set to move into your destiny, wiser and stronger!
2014 is about building and establishing! Having known and returned to you destiny and path, God is releasing a Grace to build up and establish a strong foundation. 2014 is about establishing your the thing that you were called to do on this earth. All that you have passed through was to prepare
for this time, the time when you are revealed for who you are and for the destiny that you carry.
So stand up, shake off the dust and take your place of Authority. Declare it boldly and prepare to hard at establishing the Foundation.
In 2014 you will see the fruits of your labor, you will be satisfied by the work of your hands. efforts will pay off; you will not labor in vain. It is a year when others will see the result of work and begin to recognize you for who you are for I am shining my spotlight on you. 2014 is the year to “own” your family, your workplace, your nation. To love, cherish and for them and to speak blessings over them. 2014 is the year to Occupy, take Possession, Build and Establish Until we see God’s come Here on Earth as it is in Heaven

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why the fuss about Christmas? Does it call for any celebration?

Once again the Christmas season is right here and everyone is excited about the fun fare and merry making that comes with the season. To many it is a period of relaxing from the tight work schedules, to others it is a time of hooking up with friends and family, a chance to celebrate the end of the year, and to many believers, it is a season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
But if you were to delve deeper into your reasons for celebrating Christmas, are they the right reasons? Do they warrant cause for excitement? Have you bothered to find out why people were so happy about the birth of Jesus Christ? Are they the same reasons why you are excited about Christmas? Does Jesus' birth hold any relevance to you today? These are some of the questions that Dr Joseph Okia answers in this powerful message that he shared with the little children

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who can say Yes when God says No?

Time and again we are faced with situations that completely challenge what the word of God says and because of getting overwhelmed by the situations, we end up accepting them as normal yet what God's word says is totally different. You could find yourself in a situation where you feel oppressed in your own territory, your own city, your own home and instead of sticking to what God's word says, you turn to strongholds for comfort. But today God is reminding you about His greatness and the power that lies within you. No situation can withstand the power of the God that is within you and any moment that any situation arises, just listen to the voice of God. If God is for Us, who can be against us?

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oli Mwana wa ani?Whose child are You?

At the heart of all the troubles that we have in our nation, offices,and homes is the spirit of orphan hood. Sons are fighting and rebelling against their fathers, and society is left orphaned. A foolish son is the
calamity of his father and any fatherless son is a calamity to society. The question is,whose son are you? Oli mwana wani? Are you that parent less child who is without the guidance of parents disobedient to authority, un-teachable, and all knowing? And if you are not that child,whose child are you? Do you know your
parents?And if you know them, do you follow what they tell you to do?
In this message, Dr Joseph Okia teaches us how to be good spiritual sons and daughters and how obedience and submission to our parents is the solution to most of the troubles that we face in our current generation.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Manifesting as a Father

Fatherhood is the foundation of Christianity and every activity that we are engaged with.
Fatherhood is an essential revelation of God. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray,he told them to always say Father,hallowed be thy name!
Fatherhood is the super trigger that leads us to God. God is a Father and a Father who is to be honored. The Father is in the son and the son is in the Father. Creation is waiting
in eager exception for the sons of God to be revealed. All the systems, family,politics,business,education name them are waiting for the fathers to manifest.

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